My First Post

Hi, I'm Nic or TheGayTighthead, I play rugby for the Northampton Outlaws RFC, an inclusive team, and I'm GAY, I use the pronouns he/him/his.

I've been using TheGayTighthead on social media for a while now and I wanted to take it to another level and start putting my ideas and thoughts down on a page, so here I go.

There has been so much going on at the moment with the lockdown, to the #BLM movement and now within the sport I love there is a storm brewing around the participation of Trans Women playing Rugby. World Rugby are suggesting that Trans Women should be excluded from playing, and I can not understand this and it feels like an attack on that part of my LGBTQ+ community. I stand with you.

There so much more I could say on both matters and I'm sure at some point I will, for now though I will just say that I see you, I hear you and I support you.

I came out when I was 30, and this triggered a chain of events that changed my life, since then a lot has happened that has shaped me into the person I am today, and I'm sure I will continue to grow going forward.

Please bear with me as I have no idea what I'm really doing, but my plan is to have a mixture of blogs ranging from what I'm doing, how I'm feeling and then also ones that touch on my battle with my mental health, my fitness and also my third favourite thing food (diet).

Chat soon

TheGayTighthead x

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