In Rugby We Trust...

World Rugby had a leak of a document which showed recommendations for Transsexual women to be prevented from playing Women's Rugby, and I have never felt so disappointed in a governing body, as I did when I heard this, it felt like an attack on my community that came from a place that I never expected, but my disappointment was short lived because what has followed is the united voice of the IGR Teams and women's team and allies from around the rugby world, social media and Twitter has been filled with teams logos turning in to the colours of the trans pride flag to show solidarity with our Transsexual siblings.

Trans rights are Human rights, let that resonate for a moment, imagine a world where you don't fit in, something fundamentally feels wrong when you look in the mirror the person looking back at you feels like a stranger, an imposter, and you don't understand why you feel the way you do, this is something that Trans people experience for most of their lives.

and this is why I feel that I need to speak up and show my solidarity with the trans community, I see you and I stand with you, and I will fight for you when you are too tired to continue. #RugbyForAll and don't you forget it.

I'm hoping with all of the overwhelming support I have seen on social media with many IGR teams and women's team turning their logos blue white and pink that World Rugby will listen and prevent this from becoming a reality for the sport we all love.

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