I miss you Rugby

Its been a long time since I last wrote a blog when I created my website and blog it was with excitement and exuberance, and then life came along and kicked every one in the nuts like it does. I wanted to start it up again to help me process and understand the last year and what is coming up ahead.

I’m going to start with WTF… Covid-19, 2020, and the weather.

Who would have thought that a small market in Wuhan, I mean who ever heard of Wuhan until the beginning of last year, would be the starting place of a global pandemic that would mean we are isolated from our family and our friends for such an extended period of time, I miss my family I miss my friends but the thing I miss the most is Rugby because Rugby was a place that I could meet my family and friends and while away the hours in joy and merriment, today is the start of the 6 nations which is a great day in the rugby calendar but it is somewhat different to previous years because we would have been well into the season by know and we would have been playing rugby ourselves during the first match of the day I’ve never really watched that much of Italy play rugby unless they are playing England, but this year I will match every match, and it will bring memories of a better time and hope of a better time to come. Will rugby be the same after the pandemic, will we be able to scrummage will we be able to throw as many bodies in to a ruck or maul or will we have to restrict points of contact between players to manage risk of a illness that can be so destructive to some and insignificant to others, and when I say insignificant I mean they will be asymptomatic because I don’t know anyone that has not been a victim to covid 19 whether that is from the virus itself or the aftermath of its distruction to others.

In the last 12 months I have struggled mentally and physically due to the much needed and necessary restrictions of the lockdown’s and tier systems etc. that have been put in place to protect us all, I have seen people lose loved ones and others become extremely depressed and anxious. When I have felt down before I always had Rugby to look forward too a place where for 80 minutes all I though about was making the nexts tackle or beating my opposite number in the scrum for those 80 minutes I am free from the restraints of work of bills and anything else that rests on my shoulders the rest of the time, this year however the 19/20 season was brought to a crippling end where games had been cancelled due to the bad weather, and then the pandemic, but we all looked forward to a day when we would return the 20/21 season, but the pandemic would not allow this we played around with the idea of touch rugby then the RFU brought out an version of the game that would have seen us return to some form of contact in the sport but this was not to be Covid would come back with a vengeance at the end of 2020 with new variants left right and centre the 20/21 season will not be but there is hope for the next season lets hope we an suppress the virus and have a robust system of protection inplace so that we can all return to some form of rugby in 21/22 season.

The Union cup was supposed to be this year but like so many other things had to be cancelled/postponed until later and I hope upon hope that come 2023 it will go ahead, and I will get to meet up with so many friends from around Europe to enjoy the glorious life saver of a game Rugby.

My Diabetes (type 2) has been an interesting development in my life that I have struggled with only diagnosed just before the pandemic not being able to play rugby has not helped as this was my primary source of exercise, I have seen my weight go up my blood sugar become unmanageably high, and trying to access the GP has never been so hard when all appointments are over the telephone, and you already have a disability that impacts your working memory and the high blood sugar makes that even worse, with all that going on it took its toll on my mental wellbeing and I had to take some time to handle that as well.

Anyway I’m going to end here for now because I could go on and on but I will save it for another time

Thanks for reading if you got this far I know its all over the place but imagine what I must be like in side my head lol

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